Art Galerie Cafe

We are online art gallery focuses on abstract and modern art and emerging talented artists such as the Egyptian artist Hesham Wafaie. Since 2018 we were committed to represent Mr. Wafaie in the United States and worldwide. We are proud to be his trusted partners until his passing this year in April 2021, and we are committed to keep introducing him to the world.

Mr. Wafaie’s work is known worldwide through the Internet and galleries mainly in Europe and the Middle East. He is famous with his small size but focused and powerful paintings using acrylic colors on paper and canvas.

We will continue providing more information about Mr. Wafaie and his life and work.

Hesham Wafaie

In this blog we will provide you with information about abstract art and artists. also about art world, galleries, art events worldwide, art history and artist’s news.

Please visit to view paintings and artwork.

Our company Art Galeire Cafe is based in Alexandria, VA United States of America with locations in Europe located near Paris, and Cannes, France.
We have a big collection of Hesham Wafaie’s artwork. We are glad to provide you with his paintings that reflect his talent and differentiate him from any other artist and we are proud to represent him in the global market.

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