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Hesham Wafaie original artwork/Painting # 115/Acrylic on paper/28x20cm/ Unframed/$250.00/Free shipping/Payments PayPal using

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Painting # 223

Hesham Wafaie Original and Unique Artwork/Abstract art/Acrylic on Paper/$300.00/Payments using PayPal

Hesham Wafaie Original Artwork Painting # 323 Shop Now

Abstract art/ Acrylic on paper/ 15.5×15.5cm/ $300.00/ Free shipping/Payment using PayPal

Hesham Wafaie Painting #221

Painting # 333

Who Is Hesham Wafaie?

Hesham Wafaie is a contemporary art painter, born in 1962 in Alexandria, Egypt. He creates mostly abstract acrylic paintings. His technique consists of carefully layering colors on canvas or paper. He creates a dense, subtle and slowly deepening mixture of overlapping colors and shapes.
Hesham Wafaie passed away April 2021 in Alexandria, Egypt.

About Us

Our company is based in Alexandria, VA USA with locations in Europe located near Paris, and Cannes, France. We are the owners of This website is dedicated to sell and shed the light on the artwork of the Egyptian artist Hesham Wafaie 1962 – 2021, and honors him and keeps his legacy a live.
We have a big collection of Hesham Wafaie’s artwork. We are glad to provide you with his paintings that reflect his talent and differentiate him from any other artist and we are proud to represent him in the global market.

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